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Neal Levin

Born and raised in The South Bronx, New York, my only exposure to
nature was the Bronx Zoo and the Bronx Botanical Gardens.

I attended Pratt Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts
in New York City. While attending college, I painted, sculpted and tried
most anything that allowed me to be creative and work with my hands.
Clay, the magic of the earth, came later on when I began to see that I
could incorporate what I was feeling with what I was seeing in nature.
In particular, the inspiration I felt from visiting Bar Harbor Maine

I have been fortunate to have been befriended and mentored by seasoned collectors Marvin and Eileen Reingold. Both have appreciated art collections over the last 40-years in both Studio Art, Pottery and Sculpture.



Bart DeCeglie

Bart was born in Italy and studied there till he was 17 years old. He came to New York and after finishing high school he studied Illustration and Painting for 4 years at Phoenix School of Art and Design (now Pratt Manhattan). He has taught as an adjunct at Pratt, FIT and privately. He is currently teaching at National Art League, UFT Queens & Manhattan  Learning Centers and Art League of Long Island.  Bart has returned many times to Italy to paint and study. 

Bart has had a successful career as a freelance commercial artist.  His clients have been both consumer and pharmaceutical advertising agencies. 

His real love is for impressionism, which can be seen in his style of painting. His paintings give you a feel of serenity which is the opposite of his energetic personality.  His fine art has been shown in Florida, Michigan, Italy, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and as far east in New York as the Hamptons

The father of five children, he and his wife have traveled extensively throughout Italy, Grand Cayman, New York State, Michigan and Florida. Living in New York his paintings reflect everyday life of ordinary people.

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Donna Marshall

I grew up in Texas, but have lived in the northeast for much of my adult life. In childhood, I loved making things, but really started painting in earnest in college. I work in series; each series focuses on a particular interest within a uniting inspiration: space and time. 
My first series was entitled Texas Nights. The paintings emerged from contemplating the night sky. Looking up at the night sky at my grandparent’s farm in Texas was breathtaking.  It is amazing that we exist. Out of nothingness, all this exists.
In the intervening years I’ve done several series: Rock Paintings, Altar of Acceptance (a multi media installation chronicling grief), and Creation Game  (inspired by quantum physics). 

The series I’m working on currently is called Out Yonder, In Here. I’m interested in the relationship between our inner experience of self and the vast grandeur of space: our essential and actual connectedness. Between ourselves and spacetime there is a connection, whether we are aware of it or not. Awareness of that relationship is not a concrete stable thing for most of us. But it is there, and needs nurturing (like any relationship), to deepen. This series is growing out of this experience.



Marisa Comple

Marisa Comple is a Long Island native residing in
Centerport, NY. Decades after she began exploring her gift for
photography she is actively presenting her unique vision to the
public. Her work focuses on her passion for the outdoors and the
beauty and perseverance found in nature. She enjoys being a
member of the Huntington Camera Club and Centerport Garden
In the spring 2015, she was invited to display her work in a
One-Person show at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum Gallery, which
was met with great success.
She has had photos selected for exhibit at the Huntington
Arts Council as well as the Art League of Long Island, where her
work earned her an Award Of Excellence. Two of her photos have
been selected for juried shows, placed in the Peoples Choice
Environmental Photo contest and published in Paumanok
Interwoven, an anthology of poetry and photos. In 2014 Marisa
hosted an extensive One-Person show at the Harborfields Library.
Marisa loves the outdoors and most enjoys photographing the
nature around her, be it flowers in her garden or landscapes and
wildlife throughout her travels.