Discover LI In Arts Council Exhibit

Long Islander News, December 07, 2018
By Sophia Ricco

Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just moved to town, there is always more of Long Island to discover and explore. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just moved to town, there is always more of Long Island to discover and explore.

Artists representing Huntington township are Kristen Memoli, Alissa Rosenberg, Amanda Prangenberg, Michelle Sepanski, Joseph Cutolo, Vicki Mies Field, Jan Guarino, Kate Kelly, Anne Barash Breitstein, Beth Atkinson, Kate Sydney, Theo Lau, and Melissa Johnides. read more >

(Firefly Artists Beth Atkinson, Kate Sydney and Theo Lau appeared the the Huntington Artis Council show "Discover Long Island" in December 2018)


Northport: A Hot Spot For Art

The Long Islander News
Huntington Weekly

May 11-17, 2017

By Janee Law

Northport Village is known for the beautiful scenery, quaint atmosphere and artistic vibe produced by art galleries, the John W. Engeman Theater and events hosted across the village.

With Northport being the home to five art galleries, The village has both natural and artistically created beauty, which draws many people to the village, said Kate Sydney, co-founder and managing partner of Firefly Artists. Read more >


Firefly's Pop Up Gallery featured
on Verizon Fios 1's Push Pause

Verizon Fios, Video Journalist Greg Blank
December 2015

Our Npt Pop Up Gallery featured on Verizon Fios News 1.

Art Gallery Pops Up in Northport

The Long Islander
June 2015, By Jennifer Eyring

The Northport Arts Coalition (NAC), Firefly Gallery and landlord Dennis Tannenbaum have teamed up to take vacant store fronts and turn them into pop-up art galleries.

Mr. Tannenbaum owns the store at 77 Main Street, which is currently vacant, and for at least the next month, he's allowing NAC and Firefly to set up a gallery inside featuring 38 local artists.

"I think it's great, " said Lauren Paige of NAC. "It's great for the community. A lot of local artists are getting to show their work. It's just amazing."

Read more >

Firefly Gallery Grows a New Pair of Wings

October 2014
NORTHPORT, NEW YORK -- SEPTEMBER 27, 2014. The Firefly Artists, a popular Long Island artists’ collective, will celebrate the grand-opening of their brand new gallery on Friday, October 17, 2014 at 180 Main Street in Northport, NY. The opening festivities will start at 6 PM and go until the lights go out! There will be plenty of refreshments and a meet-and-greet with member artists.

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Be a friend to the farm
October 22, 2013, Elise Pearlmanin

Mark your calendars for the Friends of the Farm’s annual Fall Harvest Weekend which takes place at Northport’s historic Lewis Oliver Farm on Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24 from 10 am to 4 pm. The event is one of many hosted by the Friends of the Farm, a not-for-profit group composed of volunteers who have lovingly devoted themselves to preserving and maintaining the farm and its resident animals, which include Annabelle the Cow, alpacas, goats, sheep, ducks and many others.

Read the full article >


Firefly Kids Event at Family Fun Night
August 30, 2011, Elise Pearlman

Firefly Artists Kate Sydney and Jennifer Lau playfully invite families to the Firefly Artists co-operative gallery located inside LaMantia Gallery, 127 Main Street, Northport Village. While children create an art project and enjoy refreshments, parents can partake of refreshments as well and take a look around the gallery. For more information, call (631) 974-2508.


The ‘Art’ of Charity at Firefly
Artists’ cooperative hosts Summer Gala
to benefit 'Splashes of Hope.'

July 06, 2011, Elise Pearlman

Although the is only a few months old, the cooperative that operates out of has already planned a gala to benefit those in need of an artistic “lift.”

Marianne Moreno, an oil and encaustic painter and Justin Mayer, a painter, sculptor and ceramicist, are the gallery’s artists of the month. The duo has organized the gala to shine a spotlight on Splashes of Hope, a non-profit organization in Huntington, whose altruistic objectives touched their hearts.

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Popping with art

The Observer, December 10, 2015
By Jennifer Eyring

Northport just got another pop of color.

Thanks to the Northport Arts Coalition (NAC) and Firefly Artists, an empty storefront has been transformed into a Pop Up Gallery.

The gallery currently up at 180 Main Street, next to Firefly, features 19 artists. This is a second pop-up art gallery NAC and Firefly have teamed up to create.

NAC Executive Director Daniel Page said all of the artists who were on the wait list from the first pop-up gallery were given priority this time around. Jennifer Lau, one of the owners of Firefly, said these impromptu galleries are good for everyone involved. They give the artists a space to show their work, the landlord an opportunity to get more people in to see the vacant space and the community a colorful alternative to an empty storefront. read more >


Local Arts Coalition to
Host Pop-Up Gallery

The Long Islander
June 2015, By Carina Livoti

Most of us have heard of pop-up shops and restaurants--shops that open, sometimes only for a day or an evening, in a temporary location--but what about a pop-up art gallery?

The Northport Arts Coalition (NAC) has teamed up with Firefly Art Gallery to create "Npt Pop-Up Gallery," a weekend art show and sale at 77 Main St. in Northport happening at least for the month of June, at a minimum.

Read more >

"Firefly Artists Illuminate New Gallery"

The Record - September 18, 2014
By Danny Schrafel

Northport Village's Firefly Artists are creating quite the buzz in recent months in the realms of art and business alike.

The three-and-a-half year old collective artist's gallery, which got its start in a cozy 300 square-foot portion of the LaMantia Gallery, moved in Sept. 1 to a 1,000 square-foot space at 180 Main St., formerly the home of children's clothing boutique Sophie Blu. Read the full story>


JAMES DARCY: Keeping Traditions Alive

Northport Life - November 2013

Northport resident Jim Darcy grew up in Rockport and Gloucester, an area on the north shore of Massachusetts that is rich in the tradition of both fishing and art. He worked in the commercial fishing industry as a young man and moved to New York in 1983. He chose to settle in Northport to raise his family because of the similarities it has to his hometown.

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The Firefly Artists

Village Connection
November 2011, Elise Pearlman

Northport has always celebrated the arts, and the Firefly Artists gallery, located inside LaMantia Gallery, is the most recent addition to the Village's vibrant arts scene.

Visitors will find that the cooperative venture, which was brought to fruition by two artistically minded friends, Cathy Nichols and Kate Sydney, is a place where imagination has really taken flight.

Read the full article >


"Saratoga Race Track:
The Back Stretch" Photo Exhibit Opens At Northport Tasting Room & Wine Cellar

Jennifer Stearns Lau explores the world of thoroughbred horses and their trainers in exhibit which runs through August 4.

Northport Patch
July 06, 2011, Posted by Elise Pearlman

Northport resident Jennifer Stearns Lau’s solo photographic exhibit, “Saratoga Race Track: The Back Stretch,” opened at the last Sunday.

This body of work, which includes both color and black and white images, provides an intriguing behind-the-scenes perspective on the world of thoroughbred racehorses and their trainers.

Read the full article >


Artists Co-op Debuts at LaMantia Gallery

The Observer, Page 2
March 24, 2011, Lisa Mancuso

It was a match made in heaven: a group of artists looking for gallery space and a gallery looking to regularly showcase the talents of local artists. And so, The Firefly Artists cooperative was born. Its new home is LaMantia Gallery located at 127 Main Street in Northport Village.

Read the full article >

Gilroy Garlic Festival
Northport Building Mezzanine
Winner of the 2005 Gilroy Garlic Festival Poster Contest
This piece features a rustic sepia image of garlic bulbs. The artist, Jennifer Stearns Lau, spent much time looking at garlic as artwork and created a photograph looking down at four zinc cups with a bulb of garlic sitting in each. The angle of the sun makes the garlic look like porcelain. This photograph is located in the Mezzanine across from the Quiet Study Room. (Northport-East Northport Public Library website. Click here to visit.)



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