The Firefly Artists

Village Connection
November 2011, Elise Pearlman

Northport has always celebrated the arts, and the Firefly Artists gallery, located inside LaMantia Gallery, is the most recent addition to the Village's vibrant arts scene.

Visitors will find that the cooperative venture, which was brought to fruition by two artistically minded friends, Cathy Nichols and Kate Sydney, is a place where imagination has really taken flight.

Cathy uses beeswax encaustics to create whimsical paintings that tug at the heart while Kate's jewelry resonates with the beauty of semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver. The gallery also showcases the diverse offerings of Jennifer Lau, James Johansen, Justin Mayer, Joel Rodgers, James Darcy and Patrick Shea. Photographs, oil paintings, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and more are on display. Members of the cooperative are at the gallery on a rotating basis, enabling visitors to chat about the creative process with working artists.

The work of three Firefly Artists (Jen Lau, Cathy Nichols and Justin Mayer) was showcased in teh 2012 "There's No Place Like Northport" calendar and the group recently hosted a launch party to celebrate this achievement. To learn more about The Firefly Artists, drop by127 Main Street, Northport Village, or visit





1 - Kate Sydney with her signature jewelry
2 - Justin Mayer
3 - Jo-Ann Corretti, cover artist for the 2012 "There's No Place Like Northport" calendar, poses in front of her work at the launch party
4 - Cathy Nichols with her whimsical paintings
5 - Painter James Johansen
6 - James Darcy
7 - Jennifer Stearns Lau